Mrz 13

Have a look at my project on designmadeingermany!

Happy to see my diploma being featured :-). For an english description of the project just have a look at my website!
Mrz 10

Feature on pickmotion phototalk

Nice article about me and my work 🙂 Lovely written! I’ve had such a nice afternoon talking to these guys 🙂
Mrz 05

Feature on ignant

wow 🙂 My project on ignant!
Jan 18

Interview on radion: SWR3 and dasding

I am so happy that I’ve had the chance to speak on SWR3 and dasding (really big radio channels in germany :-O) this morning.
Jan 17

Thank you Lucie for the article about my work!

to read the full article, please klick here: News Culture
Jan 16

Check out my latest interview with

Follow the link below:
Jan 09

My first interview on Tv about my project: Show me your fridge!

To watch the interview (it’s in german), check the link below:  
Jan 09

Quiz: Which fridge belongs to which country!

Can you tell by just seeing the fridge to which country it belongs? Check out the quiz:
Jan 08

New fridges from Paris!

NOW ONLINE! Fridges from Paris 2017  
Jan 03

Great article about my fridge project and my work at Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz

Show me your Fridge: Mainzer Fotografin Sandra Junker sammelt internationale Einblicke in Kühlschränke (Allgemeine Zeitung, 03.01.2018)