Sandra Junker
Mrz 13
Have a look at my project on designmadeingermany!
Happy to see my diploma being featured :-). For an english description of the project just have a look at my website!
Mrz 10
Feature on pickmotion phototalk
Nice article about me and my work 🙂 Lovely written! I’ve had such a nice afternoon talking to these guys 🙂
Mrz 05
Feature on ignant
wow 🙂 My project on ignant!
Jan 18
Interview on radion: SWR3 and dasding
I am so happy that I’ve had the chance to speak on SWR3 and dasding (really big radio channels in germany :-O) this morning.
Jan 17
Thank you Lucie for the article about my work!
to read the full article, please klick here: News Culture
Jan 16
Check out my latest interview with
Follow the link below:
Jan 09
My first interview on Tv about my project: Show me your fridge!
To watch the interview (it’s in german), check the link below:  
Jan 09
Quiz: Which fridge belongs to which country!
Can you tell by just seeing the fridge to which country it belongs? Check out the quiz:
Jan 08
New fridges from Paris!
NOW ONLINE! Fridges from Paris 2017  
Jan 03
Great article about my fridge project and my work at Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz
Show me your Fridge: Mainzer Fotografin Sandra Junker sammelt internationale Einblicke in Kühlschränke (Allgemeine Zeitung, 03.01.2018)  
Dez 04
new project coming up
New Collaboration with in Paris. Check out their website, all the brilliant artists they showcasing and the Online Shop! Thanks to for the Making of images … 🙂 The final images, you’ll find on:
Nov 04
Selbsthilfegruppen stellen sich vor! Self-helping groups introducing themselve!
Cover Illustration and Brochure Layout: Self-helping groups introducing themselves to the public. Out now!
Apr 13
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter everyone! You guys must have an awesome weekend! This image is dedicated to my final year project at university, more on:      
Mrz 22
Gif Exhibition Cape Town Knext Art Gallery
Gif Exhibition Cape Town at  Knext Art Gallery Yeah 🙂 One of my Gif’s got chosen for an Exhibition in Cape Town 🙂  
Jul 04
Fridge Cape Town / Pretoria
Show me your fridge! Fridges from Mainz, London and Istanbul you can find, if you click here:  Fridges The following pictures are a  preview of my series in Cape Town. And it’s especially for the people who already has taken a part of my series „Show me your fridge, Cape Town / Pretoria!“. Thank you very much for your help! It was really fun meeting you all! (Please do not repost your picture cause the series is not finished yet) During my stay in Cape Town, I had the pleasure to visit my relatives in Pretoria. So I’m glad to show also the outcome from over there 🙂  
Feb 08
Self-Deformation III
Experiments with myself Current project: When do things start to deform? What is deformation like at a standstill? Are we all deformed? Or is the deformity just a beauty spot which makes things even much more special and more beautiful?    
Feb 02
Group publication for Exhibition Expanded Designer
At present these corporations just want our data, but what happens if they still don’t have enough. What happens if they create a new, novel way to get more, different information from us? CCTV is nearly everywhere, who is to say that they won’t find a new way to film us in our houses? Or is this already happening, and not as novel as we think? Can our laptops and computers with their built-in cameras also be used for mass surveillance, and will this happen? Does more data necessitate a positive effect? We could be soon targeted by companies based on their reactions to our adverts by this thinking. But at what price does this come?
Jan 19
Posterdesign and Gif for: Exhibition Expanded Designer 2016, Camberwell College
As a part of the Curation Team for our small exhibition „Expanded Designer“ I created therefore a Poster and the Gif-Invitation. Exhibition – Camberwell Space – Private View   Exhibition – Camberwell Space – Private View    
Jan 18
This digital art work is inspired by Walter Benjamin‘s text “One way street – China ware”. What is Shanzhai about? Does fake stand for progress? What are the defintions for “original” and “fake” between Chinese,  American and European culture. How does mass production change costumer habits?
Jan 16
Observation from a fixed point
How do we change our habits when we know that we are being watched?
Nov 05
Guy Fawkes Night 2015
Poster design „Guy Fawkes Night 2015“ for our second year graphic design student’s event in Camberwell.
Sep 16
Gif animation
Sep 04
40 DEN
18x 25cm pages: 26 paper: 90gsm Munken Cremewhite 140gsm Munken Cremewhite Fanzine: 40DEN
Aug 16
60 seconds – cut to cut    
Sep 25
My Streets
Ein kleiner Vorabeinblick in mein Buchprojekt
Jul 03
2. Semester zwei- und dreidimensionales Gestalten    
Mai 30
Comic Niederer Schuh
entstanden mit meinen lieben wunderbaren Kommilitonen: Christian Wiegand (auch Model) und Sade Benjamin