Sandra Junker

Show me your fridge! – London, United Kingdom

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An archive about fridges and their owners in London, Cape Town, Pretoria, Istanbul, Germany and Paris. This series is about fridges, yes fridges you heard right— a space which people use probably more than three times a day without a greater intention. So what does this tell us about the people who use these fridges? Do we have a special system filling it? What belongs in our fridges and what do we eat? Is there any difference or similarity between different cultures, countries, ages or flat sharing? Do we keep leftovers and how do we store them? The trend goes even more now towards a responsible handling with food like bio produced items or special diets. Do we see this in our fridges? Are we finding our fridges filled with a superfluous amount of food where we end up taking from the first row and forgetting about the rest? Within the past few years, the topic of food has been the main focus of my interests so it’s even more important to me that I do this series of fridges with their owners. Feel free to sneak into my archive of fridges and make an opinion to yourself! Or tell me what you think!

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