Sandra Junker


This digital art work is inspired by Walter Benjamin‘s text “One way street – China ware”. I’ve designed a booklet as well as I did the photography and the retouching.
What is Shanzhai about?
Does fake stand for progress?
What are the definitions for “original” and “fake” between Chinese, American and European culture. How does mass production change costumer habits?

‚Only the copied text thus commands the soul of him whois occupied with it, whereas the mere reader never discovers the new aspect of his inner self that are opened by the text, that road cut through the interior jungle forever closing behind it: because the reader follows the movement of his mind in the free flight of daydreaming, whereas the copier submits it to command. The Chinese practice of copying books was thus an incomparable guarantee of literary culture, and the transcript a key to China‘ enigmas.“ (Walter Benjamin, One Way Street, Translators: Edmund Jephcott and Kingsley Shorter)